Dr. Cassie explains how she applied a new approach to prayer that changed her life forever. Paying more attention to her motives, and the methods in which she prayed has allowed her to make adjustments according to the instructions Yahshua gave the Disciples concerning a right way to pray.

In "Praying the Pattern", she was able to see that the true way to submit to Yahshua was through cultivating a lifestyle of praise and worship, and knowing the difference between the two. She was able to rid her mind of obstacles such as un-forgiveness and self-sabotaging thoughts that would edge themselves between her and true submission to Yahshua.

In understanding the importance of true submission, true forgiveness and several key elements to forming a relationship with the Abba, Dr. Cassie has been able to trust her prayers more and align herself with Yah’s will for her life without fear. This exciting new perspective on worshiping in spirit and in truth is accredited to being in the right frame of heart.

Join Dr. Cassie in "Praying the Pattern" as she guides you through small, yet effective personal evaluations that have been self-tested, to help you find the freedom you need to become a formidable prayer warrior in the Kingdom of The Most high Yah!